Waterdrop is a proactive, community-powered, social organization aimed at transforming the world’s water crisis through raising awareness, active engagement and creative interaction. We believe that everyone can play a part in creating a fresh water future with simple, innovative and effective actions.

We are starting a movement.

A movement whose purpose is tragically under the radar, but in the upcoming years will come to the mainstream as a global issue.


WaterDrop is committed to changing public opinion on the state of water in the world. We  accomplish this through awareness campaigns, fundraising and public events, documentary showings and advocacy meetings across Canada and the world. We believe that through education, awareness and action we can do our part to stem the growing water crisis.

We call it “Breaking Out of The Status H20.″

Please contact us for any information or about how you can help. waterdropmovement@gmail.com


Call us at 778-868-0776

You can also follow us on twitter at: waterdropblog.

WaterDrop consists of a great team including:

Jered Love

Doug van Spronsen

Elyse Jacobson

Mailing Address:

1708-131 Regiment Sq.

Vancouver, BC V2Y 1Y1

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