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WaterDrop: Committed to Changing Perceptions Of Water

Well somehow you found us, and we are glad you did.

We are 4 people from Vancouver who are starting a movement. A movement whose purposeĀ  is tragically under the radar, but that in the upcoming years will come to the mainstream as a global issue. We are talking about water.

Currently in Canada and throughout the world, we take our water for granted. In fact, we in Canada are the second worst wasters of water in the world (just behind our neighbors to the south). We consume double the average European amount, and that is just the beginning of our bad habits

The problem lies inĀ  how we look at water. It is multifaceted issue and involves a ton of different components. The water crisis consists of sanitation, drought, bottled water, ecological problems, environmental concerns, and dozens of other issues.

WaterDrop is committed to changing public opinion on the state of water in the world. We will accomplish this through public events, documentary showings, and advocacy meetings across BC, because we believe that through education and awareness, we can do our part to stem the growing water crisis.

We call it “Breaking Out of The Status H20”

Please contact us for any information or about how you can help.


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