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The Message in the Bottle is a Lie

Every time you twist the lid off a cool, supposedly pure and crisp, 250m bottle of water, you spend $1.50. A litre of gas for your car costs, on average, costs $1.35 per litre. A litre of water is $6.00 and a litre of gas is $1.35. You do the math. When did water become more expensive than gas?

Drinking water is the new oil.

We have no idea when we will run out of fossil fuels, but a study by the UN states that two-thirds of the world will lack access to drinkable water. I say why not knock two birds out with one stone. Are we this blind and stupid that we buy water that is pumped right out of our own backyards? 40 percent of bottled water is pumped out of our own taps and resold to us. Wow, do I feel stupid. Secondly, the amount oil used annually to produce and transport bottled water is 17 million barrels a year, or the equivalent of running 1 million cars for a year.

These are all stunning reasons to stop drinking bottled water, but on the financial side, it also makes sense. For example, the suggested amount of water an individual should drink is 8 cups a day. There are 236m in a cup of water. If you apply the fact that a bottle of water contains 250ml of H2O, you almost need 7 or 8 bottle of water a day.

If we were to assume on the extreme end and conclude that you drink 7 to 8 bottles of $1.50 water, That would equal $12 a day, $84 a week, $336 a month and finally…$3,528 to $4,032 dollars a year. I know that we all don’t drink that much water in a day, much less spend $12 a day on bottled water, but a gallon of water from the tap is 250 to 1,000 times cheaper than bottled water. Bottled water companies are only audited for sanitation every three years and city water is checked everyday. Again, you do the math. The idea that bottled water is healthier is a lie. Tap water is just as, or maybe even more pure than bottled water. I don’t even want to get into plastic contaminate issues associated with bottled water.

You can check out a four-year study by the National Resource Defence Council here. They point out all the pros of drinking tap water versus bottle water. You make the choice.

Simply put, if you don’t drink bottled water, you save money, save water and save the earth. That’s a combo that can’t be beat.



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